Procore Integration

Sync Kojo purchasing data directly to Procore.

Key benefits

  • Get the right materials to the site at the right time (for the right price) with Kojo's purpose-built solution.
  • Quickly build material request carts from the mobile app.
  • Catch invoice errors instantly with Kojo's Automated Invoice Matching.
  • Sync POs and reconciled invoices directly into Procore with just one click.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors.
  • Get automatic, real-time visibility into your actual material spend.

Connect the leading solutions for Materials and Project Management

Kojo is the market-leading solution for materials procurement, just as Procore is the leader in Project Management. By integrating Kojo with Procore, you can see your committed and actual material cost data in the context of your overall project budget, without sacrificing the depth and quality of your purchasing process.

Reallocate $60k worth of labor time to higher-value activities.

Kojo's materials procurement platform eliminates process bottlenecks and reduces data entry, so your field and office team can focus on high-value work and building.

Save an average of $300k on direct material costs

Kojo offers solutions that make it easy to compare prices and availability across suppliers, and allocate your orders to those who best meet your needs. With Kojo's inventory tracking solution, you can also place more bulk / advance orders to mitigate availability issues and get better pricing.

Spend 38% less time managing materials in the field

Kojo makes it quick and easy for the field team to build a cart of materials and order materials from previous orders. The field can stay focused on building while feeling confident that they'll get the right materials in time, with complete visibility into order status.

Other integrations

Kojo integrates with Autodesk for consistent material data across your systems
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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