Kojo’s Solutions for Vendors

Meet your contractors where they are, without adding any additional work to your plate. Kojo has a vendor-side view that gets your winning bid straight into the customer’s hands and helps you get paid faster.

“When suppliers and contractors work together to digitize and streamline the end-to-end ordering process, we all win.”

Ryan Evans, VP of Construction at Border States Electrical

Get your bid noticed.

Don’t let your bid get lost in an email inbox. WIth Kojo, all you have to do is reply with your existing PDF format and the information will be pulled into Kojo automatically for your customer to view (and accept!).
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Provide better, faster customer service.

When you receive RFQs and POs through Kojo, you’re getting a complete and standardized view of what’s needed. That means you won’t need to call for clarification, you can just get to work on fulfilling those orders.
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Get paid faster.

There’s a lot happening on the contractor side to get orders and invoices to an approved state. When you work with contractors who use Kojo, orders and invoices are processed faster - which means you get paid faster.
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Provide better service and get paid faster.