Kojo's Solution for Accounting

Catch billing mistakes and improve your view into material cost data - all with fewer clicks and less data entry.

"With Kojo, our invoice approval process is truly much more efficient for accounting.”

Cathy Boso, Controller at James Babcoci, Inc.

Get the information you need from others, without sacrificing control.

Kojo provides a collaborative system for field, purchasing, PMs, and vendors to work out the upstream details on material orders - no need for anyone else to get into your accounting system. By the time something lands on your plate, it’s ready for your final review.
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Reconcile invoices in minutes.

Kojo’s automated Invoice Matching feature gives you all of the information you need - PO, proof of delivery, and invoice - in a side-by-side view and highlights areas of discrepancy. That means you have everything you need to quickly reconcile invoices without having to chase down information from purchasing or PMs.
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Better cost tracking with less data entry.

Hard-keying data from PDFs or other systems into the accounting system is not only tedious, but introduces room for error. Kojo integrates with your accounting system, so material cost information can be synced directly in just a click.
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Accurate material costs with fewer clicks.