Kojo’s Solutions for Operations

Kojo optimizes procurement from start to finish and protects your bottom line from multiple angles - direct cost savings, increased labor efficiency, and better planning.

“Our goals are to increase our margin and increase efficiency. Kojo has helped us do that.”

Tom Milligan, Owner at Metro North Electric

Automated insights for better business planning.

When materials are managed through Kojo, data on team ordering behavior and material spend performance are automatiicaly tracked and aggregated into insightful reports, so you can glean insights and make decisions without having to chase down information.
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Save on direct material costs.

Kojo doesn’t just digitize the process you already do - we make it possible for your teams to introduce optimization steps that they don’t currently have the time or resources for. With Kojo, you empower your teams to find ways to directly reduce material spend and avoid costly errors.
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Improve field and office efficiency.

Without a digitized, connected materials management system, your teams are spending way too much time just processing and tracking orders. Kojo is a purpose-built tool that connects stakeholders and information into a streamlined workflow, so your teams can get the materials they need with less manual effort.
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Control your materials, control your margins.