Kojo’s Solutions for the Field

Ditch the complicated process. With Kojo, you get the materials you need faster and with less effort - so you can get back to building.

“With Kojo, everything is at least 20-minutes faster. Especially for the field. They can select everything they want using an Amazon-like shopping app.”

Sean Estes, Project Estimator at Carol Electric

Requesting materials is as simple as building a shopping cart.

Have you ever had to end your day handing off a material request via phone, email, or a piece of scrap wood? With Kojo, as soon as you identify the need for materials on site, you can submit a shopping cart in seconds and let purchasing handle the rest.
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Check on material status any time.

Gone are the days of realizing you haven’t gotten an update on something, and disrupting your day to chase down answers. If you need an update on where things stand in the purchasing process, simply open your Kojo app and take a quick look.
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See what’s in the warehouse without leaving the site.

Kojo provides the field with visibility into warehouse inventory, so you can rest assured that the materials are on hand for when you need them. Plus, you can issue material requests to the warehouse directly through Kojo.
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Log proof of delivery in seconds.

The office wants you to confirm everything was received as planned, but that means extra steps and more paperwork. With Kojo, you can log Proof of Delivery and identify issues in a couple quick clicks, and it will automatically be tied to the correct PO.
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Get the materials you need faster.