Unlimited users and data. No hidden fees.

A Kojo subscription gives your entire team all-inclusive access to our end-to-end procurement platform. It also comes with a dedicated account manager, tailored training, and ongoing customer support.

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Invest in Kojo to invest in your business.

Reduce direct costs by


Kojo helps keep material costs down — if one vendor has wire for a great price but another has conduit for less, I can get the best price on both.

Reduce material waste by


Pre Kojo, we averaged $10,000 in leftover materials at the end of a job. With Kojo, we've reduced that to $1,000 per job.
Brendan Humphrey, Project Engineer at K2 Electric

Increase field productivity by


75-80% of the monthly payment was covered by labor saving alone.
Zach Ratner, Manager of Operations at Bar Electric

Kojo is a partner in your success.

Kojo’s solution started out meeting the construction industry’s need for better material management, and they continue to grow based on direct user feedback - they really care about making this a well-rounded system.


Much of the Kojo team is dedicated to either building solutions based on customer feedback or providing direct customer support.


When you have all of your material orders flowing through Kojo, you get maximum benefit - so unlimited data is inluced with every plan.


Materials management is a team sport. That's why unlimited user licenses are included as a part of your subscription.


How does Kojo pricing work?

Kojo is a cloud based solution and you pay a subscription fee for access. The cost of the subscription is calculated based on the size of your business and how much of Kojo's functionality you want to use.

What's included with my Kojo subscription?

We try to keep pricing simple. You simply decide which solution areas you need to optimize your business, and everything else (support, data, users, etc.) is included in your price.

Does Kojo offer an Enterprise-grade solution?

Yes, Kojo offers a solution package for our larger Enterprise customers which includes upgraded support and access to advanced administrative features.

How much will Kojo cost?

We create custom estimates based on each customer’s specific needs. Request a demo today to see what an investment in Kojo could look like for you.
Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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