Learn how the leading trade contractors across the country leverage Kojo Systems to take the pain out of their procurement processes.

How You Can Save on Material Costs and Improve Your Bottom Line

This guide unpacks how economic factors have led to record highs in material cost increases. However, many companies have found simple remedies to minimize these effects. Learn from trade partners how they uncover cost savings through: 

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4 Ways Tech Can Streamline the Supply Chain

While the state of the supply chain and manufacturing backlogs are out of a contractor’s control, improving procurement processes can help keep budgets and schedules under control. In this guide, you’ll learn tips to streamline the supply chain.

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Electrical Contractors: Materials Purchasing Benchmark Report

In this report, you will learn how your materials procurement process and its impact on your bottom line compares to industry benchmarks, along with insights on how to improve your current operation.

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A Trade Contractor’s Guide to Reducing Overhead Costs

In this guide, we present you the free process, which is a step-by-step guide to reducing overhead costs and removing inefficiencies from your materials purchasing and management process.

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