Track your tools with Kojo

Kojo provides field, warehouse, and purchasing teams clear visibility into your tool inventory. Track your tools the same way you track your materials, and proactively prevent tool loss, theft, and breakage.

“Tracking tools is a constant struggle. Having the ability to use the Kojo app to sign in and sign out tools is extremely beneficial to our business.

Steve Flores, General Manager at Lumix Electrical, Inc.

Know where all your tools are, in real time

Kojo gives you a centralized dashboard of your entire tool inventory. Finally, it’s easy to see the current assignee, location, and condition of each tool.

Drill down on the detailed history of each tool

You can view and update pictures, statuses, and conditions on the Tool Details page. Manage the tool lifecycle with “service,” “damaged,” “lost,” and “stolen” statuses.

Easily request tools from the field

Field teams can check in and check out tools on their phones, and see what tools are on their job site. Standardize your tool management process and enforce accountability.
Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Reduce tool spend, increase field productivity.