Kojo’s Solutions for the Warehouse

Kojo gives the field and purchasing teams visibility into what you’ve got in the warehouse, and makes it simple for you to fulfill requests and get restocked with less back and forth communication.

“Being able to see what's in the warehouse at any given time has been a big game changer for us.”

Gary Phillips, President at Premier Services Co.

Give the field a self-serve view into warehouse inventory.

With Kojo’s Warehouse solution, the field can check in on (and request) warehouse inventory from their phones. That means inventory gets moved out to the site with fewer phone calls, emails, and surprise visits.
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Receive material requests on your phone.

Imagine a world in which you can receive field requests right to your phone. Kojo gives you a simple app where you can view field requests and mark them as fulfilled, without running back and forth to find the clipboard.
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Let purchasing help keep you stocked.

Kojo gives the purchasing team a view into warehouse inventory so they can be proactive about keeping things stocked. You can also ask purchasing to restock your inventory via the Kojo mobile app.
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Screenshot of the Kojo software interfaceScreenshot of the Kojo software interface

Get warehouse inventory out to the field fast.