May 9, 2023

Kojo is for Mechanical!

Here’s a secret you might not know. The nation’s leading procurement and inventory management platform, Kojo, is also for mechanical contractors. We now have over 50 mechanical contractors using Kojo to manage their procurement needs. These customers have seen success with Kojo and you can too. 

Expanding Across Specialty Trades 

Kojo’s vision is to make it faster, easier, and more sustainable to build the world around us. Our mission is to give you control over the materials procurement and management process.

By connecting the field, office, warehouse, shop, accounting, and vendor teams on one platform, Kojo gives you visibility into real-time materials spending and usage, helps you source the best prices and availability across vendors, reduces material waste, and increases labor productivity. 

We started our journey back in 2018 as the industry’s first procurement platform for electrical that connected the field and the office. Last fall we closed a $39 million Series C fund raise and we’ve received various awards including the Best SaaS Product for the Construction Industry award

To date, Kojo has powered the construction of nearly 10,000 projects across 46 states and continues to grow rapidly. Over the past two years alone, Kojo has seen a 12x increase in users and saved customers more than $19 million on their materials orders.

“With Kojo, I can see everything from the time we ordered through receiving, invoicing, and payment, all in one system. Kojo makes it easier for me to back up our data and catch mistakes before we pay for them. " -Alex, Tharco, Inc., A Kojo Mechanical Customer

Now the Solution for Mechanical Contractors

Like our electrical customers, mechanical customers are seeing success with Kojo. To date, mechanical contractors have sent 6,000 field requests to the office and created over 17,000 purchase orders worth $50 million. That’s almost 6000 times the field and office didn’t have to call and email back and forth to figure out what was being ordered. 

“It's like night and day…the invoice [team] was having to try and reconcile what the [field team] was writing to what we were invoiced, and now, that's not even an issue because of the intelligent scanning." -Autumn, JRT Mechanical, Inc.

As you can see, mechanical customers love using Kojo. We build our solutions based directly on mechanical customer feedback.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Kojo makes it easy to add your BOM for easy ordering and field releasing. You can add any phase code or code code needed, even custom columns.

Mechanical Catalog

We know there are many nicknames for parts out there and this can create confusion for communication between the field and office. Kojo has a preset catalog field users can order from that even supports slang terms for easy field to office part name translation.

Mechanical Quick Order

Like the name suggests, field users can request an item quickly with just a few taps. Mechanical customers can select from common plumbing and HVAC items for rapid ordering.

Warehousing & Fabrication Management

Surface your warehouse inventory to field teams for cost reduction before buying the same items again. You can setup inventory locations for your warehouse stock and for your fabrication shop. 

“Kojo’s inventory tracking allows us to focus on buying more of the items that move the fastest, so we are using our valuable space effectively and we aren’t sitting on inventory that isn’t getting used.” -Alex, Tharco, Inc., A Kojo Mechanical Customer

Tool Tracking

Coming soon in summer 2023, we’ll be adding support for tool tracking within our platform. 

Trusted Industry Partner

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) has more than 4,500 members. Kojo has ongoing partnerships with SMACNA. If you’d like us to come out and speak at your local chapter, let us know!

We also partner with mechanical distributors such as Ferguson and Hajoca. We are building out integrations with Ferguson and Hajoca so that in addition to our automated RFQ and ordering process, customers can get live pricing and availability data within Kojo. 

Now that you are in on the secret, you can see there is no better time than now to reduce costs and increase productivity with Kojo.

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