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August 16, 2023

Kojo now offers Tool Tracking

Imagine an end-to-end material and inventory management platform that delivers exactly what you need: easy requests from the field, purchasing efficiency, and lower costs by leveraging your tool and material inventory in stock. Meet Kojo – the all-in-one solution connecting your field team with purchasing, material inventory, and tool inventory in one seamlessly integrated platform.

Organized and Intuitive User Experience

Necessity is the mother of organization, particularly when it comes to managing a diverse tool inventory. Based on extensive customer research, we've designed Kojo Tool Tracking to put every detail at your fingertips – from the tool ID, description, current assignee, status, to the all-important last check-in/check-out dates.

Navigating this vital hub couldn’t be easier. An advanced filter system lets you refine your search based on jobs, assignee, inventory location, status, date ranges, tool ID, serial number, model number, and a host of other variables. With Kojo, searching for the right tool becomes a quick, streamlined process.

The platform also empowers you to take collective actions including bulk move, check in or check out tools, bulk delete tools, and add new tools individually, saving you valuable time for other critical tasks.

Transparency in Every Tool's Lifecycle

Transparency is vital for managing tool spend. Hence, Kojo allows you to track the status and lifecycle of each tool. Whether a tool is available, in use, damaged, lost, retired, stolen, or in-service, you can keep tabs on everything. Easily see a comprehensive history of status changes, adding another layer of transparency. Now you have the visibility you need to track and coach team members that continually “lose” and damage tools. This accountability is designed to help reduce your annual tool spend.

Streamlined Field and Warehouse Mobile Functionality

For field teams working in locations away from purchasing and your warehouse, Kojo makes life easier. The mobile app offers a simplified interface for field users, letting them browse and search tool inventory just like they would for materials.

Warehouse and tool crib teams, too, benefit from the mobile app. They have the capability to explore tool lists on the go, add new tools, view the details of each tool, and check them in and out directly from the app.

Empower Your Field Team with Direct Inventory Access

To make the usage process even more straightforward, Kojo also has a direct pulling feature for field users. Whenever the direct pulls setting is switched on, field users can check out a tool directly from an inventory location – providing another layer of convenience.

Reduce Tool Spend with Kojo

The true value of Kojo is in the value it brings to your business operations. Imagine reducing your annual tool spend. Now you can see repeat offenders of tools being “lost”, stolen, or damaged—giving you opportunity for coaching and corrective action.

There's more. By offering clear visibility of every tool, its location, and current condition, Kojo significantly improves team efficiency. Instead of getting bogged down by the tedious task of tracking tools manually, you operate from a platform where details are just a click away. No more tool request phone calls or company-wide emails asking who has a tool.

Check Out Kojo Tool Tracking Today!

While we provide a platform that is as easy-to-use as possible, the value you derive from it is multi-fold. From saving money by reducing unnecessary tool expenditure, increasing efficiency by providing a clear view of every tool and its status, to improving your team dynamics, Kojo is set out to revolutionize the way contractors handle their tool inventory. Learn more about Tool Tracking here, or request a live demo.

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