Zuni Electric, Inc.

Zuni Electric set out to update their AP process using Kojo AP and ended up improving their entire materials management process with Kojo

Alamogordo, NM
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Solar energy, commercial, government and military
The Big Issue
Outdated AP process was getting clogged by the volume of POs
The Big Results
Kojo was brought in to digitize the AP process and is now being adopted throughout the materials process for less invoices, less manual work and better vendor relationships
"I consider Kojo a partner. We find solutions together and everyone has been responsive to our feedback or questions. They not only want to fix it for us, but for everyone else, too."
Jason Kiscadon

The Story

Zuni Electric, Inc. is an electrical contractor that has been a meaningful part of their New Mexico community and beyond since 1984. When Jason Kiscadon was hired on as their controller in 2021, he brought an accounting background and the desire to evolve their processes using technology. Jason needed to find a system that integrated with their accounting system, Foundation, but also linked to the field, warehouse and vendors. He understood the interconnectedness of these teams, especially when the Field team was wasting precious time contacting suppliers over the phone several times a week correcting mistakes from miscommunication. Then he would receive 10-15 invoices a day, ranging from $3-$100,000. Jason wanted to solve this not only for himself, but to help the Field team stay focused on the work. Being responsible for so many disparate invoices, he needed tools to help him manage material requests, match invoices and pay vendors. And most importantly, he wanted it to be easy.

The Solution

When Jason discovered Kojo, it checked all of the boxes - The one system that could manage the entire materials management workflow to bring their teams together. It was an added bonus when he was introduced to Kojo AP, the features in Kojo designed specifically for Finance teams. Kojo AP’s Invoice Matching reframed their requisition process so that Field teams just snap pictures of deliveries and Kojo automatically matched POs and invoices to catch any human errors. Then, Jason uses pre-acknowledge order to import POs into Foundation. Zuni’s two main vendors prefer ACH payments, so Jason pays his invoices directly in Kojo, making it easier for him and his vendors. Jason has seen Kojo improve material orders, tracking, paying invoices, and even benefit Estimators and Project Managers that need transparency into jobs. Zuni has shifted to a proactive stance in materials management, locking in pricing at the right time. Best of all, the phone calls to vendors have significantly decreased, freeing up time for the Field team to focus on what is really important.

“If you are not managing your AP digitally, you definitely need to make that move to save yourself time and increase your accuracy. Kojo has made a difference for how we process invoices, track jobs and it takes the stress and fear out of paying vendors.”
Jason Kiscadon

Their Favorite Features

  • Invoice matching to delivery and PO
  • Payments 
  • Pre-Acknowledge Requisitions 
  • Field to Vendor ordering

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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