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The Big Issue
Old school procurement processes
The Big Results
Procurement team raises the bar across the organization and attracts new talent
St. Andrews future-proofs their procurement process and attracts new talent with Kojo
Kojo is one of those things that allows us to have an extra edge. We're spending maybe 40 hours less doing material orders per job in a year. That's a substantial amount of time savings. It’s difficult to be competitive in this environment, especially in the Denver metro area. Some jobs have 20 companies bidding. So I really believe any little edge puts you ahead.
Aimee Wren
Project Coordinator/Technology Manager

The Story

Based in Denver, St. Andrews Construction Services a small but mighty electrical contractor with major projects, including the Denver International Airport, Denver Public Schools, and a range of other public and private clients. As a nimble, efficient family-owned business, what sets the company apart is their emphasis on standardizing processes across projects and a willingness to adopt technology to make those processes even more efficient. Despite this, before adopting Kojo, St. Andrews’ procurement process was anything but clean-cut. 

“Prior to Kojo, the foreman would send in an order, but there was no standardized process. Some people would put it in an Excel spreadsheet. Some people would send it in an email. Some people would call, and some people would text. It was 100% dependent on who was placing the order. And after we placed the order with the vendor, it was out of sight, out of mind,” says Aimee Wren, Project Coordinator and Technology Manager at St. Andrews. 

This posed two major problems that Aimee knew the business must fix: 

  • No transparency into the status of materials and when something went wrong, it sent  the team scrambling for hours to come up with a Plan B. 
  • Inefficient processes that made St. Andrews appear as a backward, out-of-touch employer to younger generations of talent.

The Solution

Kojo immediately eliminated the back-and-forth across multiple lines of communication that was costing the company time on every job. 

Kojo enabled the St. Andrews team to: 

  • Streamline a manual, cumbersome procurement process
  • Smooth communications and coordination between Field and Office 
  • Gain visibility into costs and profitability per project
  • Forecast material needs more accurately across jobs

With Kojo, St. Andrews’ procurement system was brought to the same level of streamlined, process-oriented efficiency that is a hallmark of the company’s work. Plus, by incorporating Kojo into its core workflows, the company’s tech-enabled approach to operations makes it a more attractive employer for the next generation of electrical contractors, who grew up with technology and expect to use it in their daily work. 

“It’s about committing to taking the next step, raising the bar instead of just saying ‘hey, this is the way we've always done it, and it's the way we're going to keep doing it. Our willingness to adapt and move forward and implement new technologies is what puts us ahead.”
Aimee Wren
Project Coordinator/Technology Manager

Their Favorite Features

Their Favorite Features

  • Mobile Field app for quick adoption and streamlined materials requests 
  • Digitize purchase orders 
  • Customized dashboards for quick access to data 
  • Reporting and analytics that provide transparency into financials and proactive planning 
  • Order version history to track changes in purchase orders  
  • Quick Order for easy field ordering

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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