San Jose, CA
50 Employees
Manual processes created mistakes, project delays, and low morale
Happy employees, less invoices, and on-time materials
When RC Power - a successful $10 million per year electrical contractor - started growing quickly, the team realized they had a problem scaling their operation. Not having the right materials process in place was making growth difficult.

The Story

RC Power Electrical Services lived by their mission statement, "Quality without Compromise." They provided a genuine partnership with their community that transcended the traditional role of service provider. Their customers were budget-conscious and typically had tight time constraints. For the team at RC Power, the absence of a repeatable ordering process was a headache. The manual processes between Project Managers, AP and Field teams resulted in job sites not receiving materials reliably. Foremen lost hours on the job and without checks and balances, the Procurement team didn’t know if the supply house was charging the right amount for orders and had to confirm each invoice with a PM. This wasted valuable PM resources reviewing hundreds of invoices a month and it could take up to six months to pay bills.

The Solution

RC Power discovered Kojo and worked with them to build a roadmap to implement the platform company-wide. The goal was for every material order to go through Kojo so they could easily track all purchase requests. The value of Kojo was quickly seen by all teams and RC Power had 100% adoption of Kojo in no time. This led to: 

  • No complaints from Field and Procurement teams about materials not getting ordered or received
  • Complete visibility into materials management for the AP team 
  • Data to identify and cut inefficiencies to save money and waste 
  • Faster PO payments with fewer mistakes 
  • Every dollar can be linked to equipment and material as all packing sheets are linked to every PO in Kojo
  • Reduced invoices to one or two per week
  • Increased company morale
"I champion Kojo because it makes your company more scalable. If you don’t have a system already that tracks material ordering and streamlines the flow of requests from the field to the vendor, then you need one if you want to scale. You can’t do it with spreadsheets or emails anymore."
Thomas Wieglenda
Senior Project Manager

Their Favorite Features

  • Digital requisitions and POs
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Pre-approved materials lists
  • Streamlined materials quoting
  • Hold For Release tracking
  • Accounting system integration

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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