New York
200-300 Employees
The Big Issue
No data management
The Big Result
Scaled business without overhead
Kojo presented itself as a solution that would allow me to get the data that I needed. From the moment you've won the job all the way through to the last piece of material that you order on that job, it allows all of your material purchasing to go through the same platform.
Nathan Weise
Chief Financial Officer

The Story

As New York-based electrical contractor Kleinknecht Electric Company grows beyond their region, owner Mark Kleinknecht and CFO/CTO Nathan Weise put data front and center in their scaling plan. They knew the right data strategy could help them save money, modernize their workforce, and streamline their expansion. But there was a big problem - How do they wrangle all of the data? 

Kleinknecht had a major visibility gap into what materials were being purchased on-site. This created a fragmented picture of each project with little opportunity to drive meaningful improvement and little awareness of spending trends. Any purchasing analysis Nathan wanted to do required manually pulling a list of purchases at each jobsite every day, and doing the math in a spreadsheet.  

Nathan knew this needed to change. He didn’t want to create a new accounts payable role that would wind up pulled between each of the field teams. He knew the right solution would be digitized, easy to use, and ready to scale with the company. Enter Kojo.

The Solution

Realizing that technology could help them with their biggest challenges, Nathan and his team partnered with Kojo, a procure-to-pay platform custom built for the construction industry. 

Here’s how they got more visibility, more actionable insights, and less system integration headaches:

  • Kojo helped the team map all of the materials to every jobsite in real time and seamlessly passed that information back to the office team. 
  • Kojo equipped Nathan with a full database of every material purchase made across the entire organization.
  • Accounts payable were freed from constantly having to issue purchase orders manually. 
  • Kojo plugged into the existing tech stack and rolled out to numerous employees across the organization. 
  • Field teams were quick to adopt the intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 
  • Deep implementation support and training services for both office and field professionals so Kleinknecht’s own staff didn’t wind up leading training efforts. 

All of this gave Kleinknecht unrivaled insight into spending patterns, pathways to greater efficiency, and a big leg up as they scale without needing to immediately scale the office team.

What Kojo has done for us is it's allowed us to continue to grow without necessarily having to continue to add manpower and overhead. So, the fact that Kojo is able to issue purchase orders for us, we have visibility into what's going on, and my accounts payable team can work on managing instead of issuing. Kojo has allowed us to continue to scale, in revenue volume, so that's been a huge help because the goal is growth.
Nathan Weise
Chief Financial Officer

Their Favorite Features

Their Favorite Features

  • Custom reporting solutions that ingest the data directly from the platform 
  • Kojo working in tandem with pre-existing data sources already set up by the team and combining Kojo material and procurement data for a big picture
  • ERP system integrations 
  • Field mobile app to continue collecting data from sites, all while seamlessly communication with procurement 
  • Kojo implementation and training services to get their team ramped in record time 
  • Automated purchase orders for repeatable orders

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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