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How Kojo helps JRT Mechanical Inc. Streamline Material Procurement and Reduce Data Loss

JRT Mechanical Inc.

Battle Ground, WA

The problem

At JRT Mechanical Inc., which has over 100 employees, purchasing across dozens of projects is no small feat. Meet Autumn and Lynda: two essential driving forces of JRT’s purchasing operations.

Prior to using Kojo, JRT's material ordering process was very manual, consuming precious time from the field, Autumn and Lynda. With field personnel sending material requisitions via paper, email, or text, it was challenging to keep track of orders and maintain consistency in the ordering process. Autumn and Lynda spent over 30 hours each week manually typing line items from requisitions into their accounting system to create purchase orders (POs) and request for quotes (RFQs).

This painful former process led to a loss of valuable data, field time, and office time that would otherwise be dedicated to pricing analysis and negotiations. After years of ordering this way, it was clear that JRT needed a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their material ordering process.

The solution

JRT Mechanical turned to Kojo, a platform that specializes in material management and procurement for the construction industry. With Kojo, JRT was able to streamline its material ordering process and cut down manual data entry.

Field personnel now use the Kojo mobile app to create material requisitions that are automatically sent to the office team. The purchasing team can then review and approve the requisitions, which are then automatically turned into POs or RFQs and synced with JRT’s accounting system. Kojo also provides much needed visibility into the status of orders  and deliveries across the organization, allowing JRT to better plan projects, manage their warehouse operations, and document deliveries.

"Kojo is easy to use, and the app makes it simple to get all of our materials in one place. The notifications and updates are great, and the platform is always improving. We love it." - Autumn

Key Kojo app features

Value & Impact:

JRT's employees are enjoying the benefits of Kojo's user-friendly interface and real-time updates. Since early 2022, JRT Mechanical has successfully placed over 1000 material requisitions and 1500 purchase orders through Kojo. With Kojo, JRT has decreased the time creating Material Requisitions by 80% and decreased the time processing POs by 70%. With the reduction in manual data entry, JRT's office employees are now able to focus on other, more valuable tasks, resulting in overall cost savings and improved efficiency.

"Time savings,- Kojo has saved a lot of time. We’re now getting caught up on key other stuff that we can do because we were doing so much data entry." - Autumn

On top of this all, a Kojo Pro feature that JRT Mechanical has found particularly beneficial is Kojo's Order Acknowledgement Scanning. The feature allows JRT to easily scan order acknowledgements and automatically update purchase order statuses, saving time and increasing accuracy. Autumn raved about this workflow, stating, "It's our favorite feature. It's changed our lives! ...It's like night and day too because when we first started, we were still typing in some things, and it just works differently now before, the invoice girls were having to try and reconcile what the guys were writing to what we were invoiced, and now, that's not even an issue because of the scanning, the intelligent scanning. That completely wiped off of their way. They didn't have to come back to us and do it; 'this isn't matching'." 

With Kojo, JRT Mechanical Inc. has been able to drastically improve their material ordering processes. Who’s next?

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