Arrow Electric Co.

Arrow Electric finds the best fit with Kojo Tool Tracking to operate their complex business

Louisville, KY
The Big Issue
Tool inventory chaos
The Big Results
Company wide adoption of Tool Tracking
We check out tools to people, we check out tools to vans or trucks, and we check out tools to jobs with Tool Tracking.
Andrew Everage
Purchasing Manager

The Story

Arrow Electric Co. is a uniquely complex electrical contractor in Louisville, KY because they operate across four multifaceted divisions: Highway, Industrial, Commercial, and Service/Residential. That is a lot of tool juggling for Purchasing Manager, Andrew Everage. Naturally, Andrew enlisted the help of technology to sort out the tool inventory puzzle, but a year in, Andrew noticed that the tool management platform they had purchased was not being used by the team and not giving them the complete picture they needed. Andrew could not waste precious resources on a system that was ineffective and he was nothing if not resourceful. When Andrew learned that Kojo, the procure-to-pay platform Arrow used for requesting and purchasing materials, introduced Tool Tracking, Andrew took full advantage.

The Solution

Kojo was already fully embraced across Arrow as a procurement solution with Andrew processing about 15 purchase orders a day through the platform. He knew that introducing Kojo Tool Tracking would be a welcomed addition that Field teams were already familiar with. Andrew saw these benefits in working with Kojo Tool Tracking: 

  • Getting rid of their old tool management system meant one less system for them to learn and one less piece of technology to pay for. 
  • Unlike the previous inventory management solution, Tool Tracking was easier to adopt thanks to its integration across the entire organization.
  • Kojo Tool Tracking organized the tools checked out to individuals, trucks and jobs across all divisions for uniformity and efficiency. 
  • Tool Tracking got rid of the lengthy paper trail and endless text communication he was having with Field teams each day asking about tool availability. 
  • A simple check in / check out system located tools in seconds and gave tool transparency to the rest of the business in real time. 

Arrow Electric Co. saw their inventory tracking process transform, but even better was being able to partner with Kojo to set their team up for success and provide valuable feedback that shapes the future of how the platform works. 

We have tried other things to keep track of our tools, but Kojo's Tool Tracking is the best solution for us. It's easy, so our teams actually use it. But the best part for me is my ongoing partnership with Kojo and being able to give them feedback or ideas on new features and watching Tool Tracking get better and better.
Andrew Everage
Purchasing Manager

Their Favorite Features

  • Implementation support and training to ensure adoption across Warehouse and Field teams 
  • Check in/check out feature to give real time transparency and accountability for their valuable tool inventory
  • Filtering by types and location to organize the many layers of their business 
  • Mobile applications for both Field and Warehouse teams 
  • ERP integrations for a fuller financial picture 
  • Job costing for better project planning

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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