April 25, 2023

Summer is Coming. Are you ready?

Kojo founder Maria Davidson presents at SMACNA 2023

The busy season is about to get going. Do you have the processes you need in place to make the most of it?

With longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and reduced chances of delays due to heavy rains or snow, summer provides an optimal time for construction. Crews can work more efficiently and full days with fewer disruptions. This can help accelerate construction timelines and keep the project on schedule.

Learn How Kojo Can Help You Meet the Demand.

With more projects starting this summer, here are 3 simple steps to help you manage the increased workload.

Plan ahead with bulk ordering for 2 added benefits: 

  1. Avoid project delays by having material on hand and ready to go.
  2. Take advantage of bulk pricing. Customers reported saving between 3-7% on bulk orders. 

Simplify purchasing for field and procurement teams. Here’s how it helps: 

  1. Save field teams valuable time and provide mobile access to material availability and specs with preferred vendors. Keep them building!
  2. Digitize how procurement managers receive requests so they can process them faster, and eliminate manual data entry and the risk of mistakes and miscommunication. 

Pay with confidence. Here’s what to check before sending a check: 

  1. Compare PO, delivery receipts and invoices for a three-way match to ensure you got what you’re paying for. 
  2. Find additional savings by paying early. Some customers reported that vendors offer a discount (up to 4%) for paying early.  

How to put into Practice:

These may seem like obvious steps to effectively manage projects but initiating change and standardization can be really difficult - especially when starting from scrap in the peak busy season. With Kojo, these steps are seamlessly built-in so stakeholders can follow best practices without a second thought. 

  1. Planning is made simple through easy-to-create bill of materials, embedded catalogs, and specs with direct RFQs to preferred vendors. 
  2. Purchasing is as easy as shopping online, add it to the Cart and send the request to purchasing. From there, procurement teams can manage their request queue quickly and without manual entry and time consuming phone calls. 
  3. Pay for material received and flag incorrect quantities or damaged products to the supplier for credit or refunds. Plus with automated invoice matching, accounts payable will be able to quickly process a 3 way match and only spend time on those highlighted with errors. 
  4. Finally, by syncing material management and accounting software, business owners have a digital record across every stage of material management and how it impacts their bottom line providing them visibility into where they can reduce waste and maximize profits.  
“Using Kojo, we were able to catch over $1,200 in billing errors from our suppliers in just four weeks. We also shortened our material ordering process by 90%.” - Zach Ratner, Manager of Operations at BAR Electric said,

To get our customers up and running, Kojo is offering  FREE In-Person training for new customers who sign up by May 31st, 2023. Take advantage of cost savings now and make this summer more profitable than ever. 

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