August 19, 2022

Streamline Materials Requisitions Between Your Office and Field

Kojo founder Maria Davidson presents at SMACNA 2023

To keep your job on track and budget, your field has to inform the office of the materials they need throughout the job. If there’s a miscommunication between the two parties, then a ton of time gets wasted going back and forth trying to get on the same page. Even worse, you risk the office ordering the wrong materials or vendors misinterpreting the PO. Next thing you know, you’ve paid for materials you don’t need, and the wrong materials get delivered to the jobsite.  

This communication breakdown happens all too often. It typically plays out in one or two ways: 

  1. The office is trying to keep up with requisitions from the field across various channels - phone calls, email, text messages, spreadsheets, documents, or even pictures snapped of written orders on cardboard boxes. As a result, information gets lost or misinterpreted. 
  2. The field doesn’t know or remember all the specs, so their requests lack the necessary information for the office to make the correct order.  

If you could eliminate these two inefficiencies, you’d save valuable labor hours, reduce the likelihood of spending money on the wrong materials, and keep the job moving. We’ve seen it play out far too often, so we decided to eliminate the issue by building a new feature in our platform: Jobsite Requisitions Attachments. Here’s how it works…

Jobsite Requisition Attachments

To streamline requests and purchase orders between the field, office, and vendors, and ensure all the relevant material information is captured, Kojo’s Jobsite Requisition Attachments allow field users to attach photos to their requisition in the Kojo mobile application.

Benefits for the Field:

With Jobsite Requisition Attachments, your field can:

  1. Trust that the correct materials are ordered by the office now that they have all the relevant information for the request.
  2. Receive mobile notifications of order statuses.
  3. Spend less time on the phone and emailing with the office on material related matters.

Benefits for the Office

With Jobsite Requisition Attachments, your office can:

  1. Receive photos, specs, drawings, and/or documents attached to each requisition to know exactly what needs to be ordered without back and forth communication. 
  2. Keep track of all requisitions from the field in one digital location accessible at any time.
  3. Have a historical log of every requisition submitted, making it quick and easy to go back and reference.  

Benefits for your Vendor:

With Jobsite Requisition Attachments, your vendor can:

  1. Easily understand the materials you need to purchase by receiving POs with material photos, specs, drawings, and/or documents attached. 
  2. Quickly fulfill your PO by reducing the time spent on back-and-forth communication clarifying PO details.

To learn more about how you can streamline materials management with Kojo, please meet with one of our procurement experts or contact our support team.

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