March 7, 2022

Kojo is Now Integrated with Procore

Kojo (formally Agora Systems) now integrates with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of construction management software. The integration between Procore and Kojo represents a connection between titans in the industry - just as Kojo pioneered digital materials management solutions for contractors that reduce miscommunications, steps, and lag time, Procore was the first to offer a project management solution that streamlines documentation and communication across project teams.

The Kojo + Procore integration unlocks the ability for trade and self-perform contractors to use Kojo’s best-in-class solution for the detailed management of procurement and inventory tracking, while automatically syncing purchase orders (POs) to Procore’s commitments tool and the Procore budget. The benefit of integrating is complete visibility into a project’s actual costs - without sacrificing the in-depth functionality required to effectively manage procurement and inventory. 

With the Kojo + Procore integration, customers continue to use Kojo for the end-to-end purchasing process, from buyout or field request all the way through issuing POs and receiving deliveries. Completed POs are then synced to Procore at the click of a button - the PO itself, down to line item detail, is recreated in Procore, and also shows up as a committed cost on the Procore budget. From there, POs can also be sent onward from Procore into the ERP system. The end result is comprehensive visibility into project costs, across systems and stakeholders.

Contractors who use Kojo for the ins and outs of materials management already benefit from a faster procurement process, better pricing, and availability, and fewer material-related delays. Now, by connecting Kojo with Procore, the up-to-date material cost data created in Kojo is seamlessly shown within the context of the broader project management solution - making it easier than ever to keep the project budget on track.

To see more of what Kojo and its Procore integration can do, check out the demo video below.

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