September 8, 2022

Kojo Employee Spotlight: Lauren Muir, Senior Customer Success Manager

Team Member: Lauren Muir
Senior Customer Success Manager
Long Beach, CA

Before Lauren was a trusted member of the Kojo Customer Success team, she was in the electrical industry–and a user of Kojo. Like many construction and subcontracting companies, her first employer was family owned-and operated. Working for a family friend who needed bookkeeping assistance, Lauren spent six years working her way up, starting with data entry, moving on to Payroll, AP, AR, Project Accounting, and even Purchasing and high-level Finance. As her organization grew, Lauren helped to optimize that growth with tech solutions.

Says Lauren, “I felt the pain points that the industry is feeling nationwide and knew there had to be a better way on the horizon. In 2019, I was tasked with implementing [Kojo] company-wide.” As the organization’s Implementation Manager, it was her responsibility to manage and onboard new software. She soon realized that Kojo–formerly known as Agora–wasn’t like other construction solutions. “As soon as Robin, our Customer Success Manager, showed me what [Kojo] can do, my mind was blown with possibilities,” she shares. “I knew that [Kojo] would not only save us time, but change the way material was purchased across the industry.”

Lauren’s background in the electrical industry, her experience implementing software across her team, and her abundant curiosity and compassion make her an ideal customer success manager. Since starting at Kojo in September 2021, she has been an instrumental member of the CSM team, helping introduce Kojo to companies similar to the family-owned organization where she started. Says Lauren, “Working at [Kojo] has given me a chance to utilize the experience I gained working for the electrical subcontractor, make an impact across the industry, expand my understanding of the SaaS world, and work for a company with culture and values I align with.”

With extensive experience at various levels of the electrical industry, Lauren understands the value of having voices like hers in construction. She shares one of the main reasons she chose to move over to Kojo: “I wanted to support the growth of a company with a female CEO to better the future for women in construction.” Her voice adds to the growing roar of women in this male-dominated industry.

While Kojo has helped shape the trajectory of Lauren's career in the construction industry, her expertise has been influential at Kojo. Benji Orlansky, Head of Customer Success, shares just part of what makes Lauren such a valued member of the Kojo team: “She had tons of customer empathy and understanding of what our customer’s day to day experience is.” Not only that, but she also exemplifies Kojo’s values of Growth, Customer Obsession, and Impact. Most importantly, says Lauren, “I feel like my voice matters here.” Learn more about Kojo, our product, and our team of experts like Lauren here.

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