Modernize the Way You Pay

Kojo makes paying your suppliers simple, accurate, and streamlined.

Step 1:
Invoices are automatically scanned into Kojo

Step 2:
Kojo checks each invoice for discrepancies against the PO and delivery

Step 3:
Pay your invoices directly in Kojo

What is KOJO AP?

As an integral part of Kojo’s end-to-end materials management system, Kojo AP is a suite of features designed just for Accounting teams. Execute on the critical final step of the procurement process by paying suppliers accurately, within seconds.

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Catch costly mistakes
  • Automate approvals
  • Pay suppliers all in one place

Boost AP Productivity

Kojo AP enables Accounting teams to truly collaborate with Field, Purchasing, and Suppliers in one system. Everyone works toward the same goals, using the same information.

  • Automatically scan invoices from suppliers
  • Streamline approval and payment workflows
  • Directly sync data with accounting systems

Accuracy + Speed = Savings

Kojo AP ensures every payment is correct and processed instantly. Ditch outdated payment methods like checks, and eliminate human errors for good.

  • Automate 3-way matching of POs, invoices, and deliveries
  • Pay suppliers on time and collect rebates
  • Directly sync data with accounting systems

Pay All Suppliers in One Place  

No need to log into multiple supplier portals—pay all your invoices directly in Kojo. By consolidating your supplier payments in one system, Kojo AP transforms disjointed procurement processes into a single, transparent workflow.

  • Simplify audits and compliance
  • Enhance data security and fraud protection
  • Eliminate supplier penalties on late payments
"With Kojo AP, we have been able to digitize our payments and streamline the accounting process, so our same accounts payable team can do their jobs even better."

phil edwards, president, Jamar power systems

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

Accurate material costs in fewer clicks.