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Source trade specific building material with preferred vendors and see current product availability, pricing, specifications and photos.

Trusted by trade contractors nationwide

What can Kojo do for you?

Reduce time spent processing orders. Find better prices. Keep everything organized.

Finally, a system for organizing and streamlining how you buy materials. In Kojo, you can issue requests for quotes and POs, compare prices and availability across vendors, update the field on order status, and share cost data with the accounting team, all with fewer clicks and manual data entry. Kojo helps you work smarter, not harder.

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Reduce clicks and data entry. Never pay for materials you didn't receive.

Close out billings in minutes: when your teams are using Kojo, everything you need to 2- or 3-way match invoices is at your fingertips. Kojo also integrates with your accounting system so you always have an up-to-date view of material cost data with fewer clicks and no manual data entry.

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Stop wasting field time with office work, and get back to building.

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the materials and tools you need. With Kojo, getting materials and tools to the site is as simple as using Amazon. You are updated as the order status changes, and can receive deliveries - no more crumpled paper packing slips.

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Always know what's in stock. Never let materials go to waste.

With Kojo, the field can easily see what’s in stock and request it. The warehouse can receive requests and mark them as fulfilled in seconds from a mobile device and check in deliveries or leftovers. Purchasing can view inventory levels any time to proactively restock key items. Track both materials and tools from a single dashboard.

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Increase labor productivity, reduce material spend, and plan projects better.

By streamlining materials management with Kojo, you save labor time in the field and office while unlocking ways to find direct cost savings. With built-in analytics, you can easily keep an eye on ordering behavior and track estimates against actuals in real time.

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Win more bids. Get paid faster.

Kojo makes it easier for contractors to receive and accept your bid.  When you receive clear, complete POs that don’t require clarification, you can provide better customer service. And when contractors use Kojo to process invoices faster, you get paid faster.

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“We're seeing firsthand pricing immediately and receiving it right then and there. I would say we save about 5-15% depending on what items are being ordered.”


“Pre Kojo, we averaged $10,000 in leftover materials at the end of a job. With Kojo, we’ve reduced that to $1,000 per job. This is saving us roughly $270,000 across 30 projects every year.”

Brendan Humphrey, Project Engineer, K2 Electric

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Connect purchasing to your accounting system

Material cost data needs to be in sync across teams and systems. That’s why Kojo integrates with your accounting and project management software.

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Control your materials, control your margins.