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Outdated procurement processes
Streamlined processes leads to major productivity boost
Syserco is an electrical and energy management company, building automation around software programing for lighting and temperature control in hospitals and office buildings. This interview with VP of Operations, Carlos Marquez, took place with Kojo's Product and Development team to learn more about Syserco's user experience.
“The best thing for me about Kojo is, once you hit that purchase order button and it automatically goes out to the vendor to order the material. That’s awesome!”
Carlos Marquez
VP of Operations, Syserco

The Story

Syserco relied on a procurement team to handle all ordering tasks, which included managing orders from various vendors and ensuring the right materials were purchased. The specialized nature of the company's work, involving specific electrical parts and components, made it challenging to find the right team who understood the products and procurement requirements. Communication between field personnel and procurement was often inefficient, resulting in delays and misunderstandings. Additionally, tracking the whereabouts of materials, whether in the warehouse or in transit, posed a significant challenge and relied heavily on email correspondence.  As they began investing heavily in recruiting their workforce from technical schools across California, they recognized the need for a mobile solution that would enable field personnel to order materials directly from job sites. They came across Kojo and realized its potential to revolutionize materials management.

The Solution

Kojo’s mobile app proved to be a game-changer, particularly due to its ease of use and the ability for Field personnel to order materials directly from their phones. For their new recruits, having a standard and modernized process in place has helped ramp up incoming classmen quickly to be able to support the current purchasing teams to meet demand. 

Syserco predicts significant technological changes in the construction industry over upcoming years. They expect the migration from legacy communication systems to IP-based controllers to accelerate, providing faster and more accurate information across teams. The collaboration between the company and Kojo's team has been instrumental in leading the construction industry into the future. By implementing Kojo, Syserco successfully streamlined materials inventory management, improved communication between field personnel and procurement, and enhanced overall efficiency.

“One reason we use Kojo is the ability to upload custom pricing sheets. A lot of what we order is not from a catalog, it’s all industry specific material and only our experienced people know how to order. The level of detail we can provide to our vendors makes it easier for new employees to come pick up the process.”
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez

Their Favorite Features

  • Automated Invoice Matching
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integration with Vista ERP
  • Implementation and training from Kojo Customer Success teams

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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