Shelton & Case Electric, LLC

Shelton and Case Electric, LLC use Kojo AP to reconcile invoices and pay vendors to save time

Los Alamitos, CA
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Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare
The Big Issue
A new business with lean manpower
The Big Results
Kojo automates a materials management workflow and helps pay vendors accurately
“I value my team and I don’t want them doing things that computers can do. I want them doing things that people can do. "
Jason Shelton

The Story

Jason Shelton had 20 years of contractor experience under his belt before he decided to start his own contracting business, Shelton and Case Electric. With Shelton and Case, Jason is ushering in a new wave of contractors that are lean, efficient and use technology to automate when they do not have the manpower. Jason wanted to build a strong foundation for his new team and not replicate the challenges he has experienced in his career. He wanted to avoid weak processes that are productivity killers and poor communication that costs money. In his new role as owner, he was spending more time on the financial side of the house. He immediately understood spreadsheets and hand tracking invoices were not going to cut it. Plus, having all of that information live in his head was unsustainable, especially when it came to managing invoices and paying vendors. Seeing past pitfalls and costs of countless point solutions, Jason was in search of solutions that spanned across workflows.

The Solution

Jason was thoughtful in planning his workflows and where he could use technology to fill in the gaps. After watching a previous contractor roll out Kojo, he knew that was one system he wanted to implement at his new business. Kojo offered cross-functional transparency, trends and analytics, automation, and job satisfaction. When he got started with Kojo, he was introduced to Kojo AP, the product within Kojo specifically designed to support reconciling and paying invoices. Kojo AP connected directly to his accounting system, QuickBooks, so getting started was easy and automated all of the accounts payable data entry. Instead of logging into individual vendor portals, Jason is now paying his 4-5 most commonly used vendor invoices right in Kojo. Jason is seeing savings not only from the ability of Kojo AP to catch invoice discrepancies, but with productivity and a team that is more empowered to do their role independently. He is excited to continue using Kojo AP so see the value add up over time.

“I wanted to implement technology that removed the excuses. With Kojo, my team has all of the tools they need to do their job at their highest level of productivity.”
Jason Shelton

Their Favorite Features

  • Trackable history from start to finish – RFQ, PO, Delivery, Invoice, Payment
  • Invoice Matching to deliveries and POs
  • Tool tracking, maintenance logs for tools 
  • Automatic ingestion of invoices 
  • Payments 
  • Multiple systems management under one software umbrella

Screenshot of the Kojo software interface

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